【Official】Hotel Luna Park Bettei Yasuragi

The new playground equipment for the dog run has been completed!

  • There is also a car for dogs and a dome swing that can pass through ☆彡

    Fun new playground equipment has joined the outdoor dog run of this facility♫
    I can't introduce it in the picture, so please come and visit us

    Of course, if the weather is bad, there is also an indoor dog run, so don't worry.

It was unfortunate weather, but I participated in the event!


    April 24 (Sunday) 11: 00-15: 00
    We opened a store at the popular dog run & cafe FORTUNA in Shimoidaimachi!
    It was a bad weather, but many customers came to the store and it was a fun time!

    Thank you to everyone who opened FORTUNA for the first time!
    Please wait for fun events to be held at this facility in the future.

It was a fun event for everyone ♫

  • I participated in B's GARDEN's event for the first time in fine weather ♫

    Bringing the footbath and panel of this facility, we let our customers experience the feeling of Dogo Onsen ♨
    Did you enjoy it even a little with the prolonged corona sickness? All the staff are pleased.

    We will continue to think and implement new ideas, so we look forward to working with you!
    We would like to thank B's GARDEN and all the stores that opened.

A popular blogger from Ehime Prefecture Blog No. 1 stayed at this facility!

  • The owner of the dog house who knows all about dogs finally...To the hotel

    This year, surprise guests came to the facility who interviewed at NHK Matsuyama broadcasters and love TV!

    This is Imabari's dog house ONE & WAN, which has the most popular blog "Father's Photo Diary" in Ehime prefecture.This time, we received various advice from customers who knew all about dogs, so we will continue to work hard to create a museum that is loved by everyone!

    We look forward to your visit!

To a trip where you can stay with your dog

  • To a trip where you can stay with your dog

    Dogo Onsen's first &Dogo Onsen only dog run!

    Reopened as an inn where you can stay with your dog!
    (Small dog indoor dog only)

    You want to be with your dog, who is a member of an important family, even when you are traveling.
    The room where you can stay together will be reopened on April 10, 2021!

    Please enjoy the holidays where both your husband and dog can refresh themselves to the fullest.
    We are accepting acclaimed reservations!

    ※It was featured on NHK Matsuyama broadcasting stations "Himepon".
    ※It was introduced on Ai TV "N-sta Ehime".

☆Official LINE started☆

  • We will deliver valuable information and the latest event information! Please register additionally!

    If you add a friend, you will receive a 500 yen ticket for use Luna Park
    Please purchase a lot of memories of your trip and delicious souvenirs of Ehime at our hotel at a reasonable price m (_ _) m

    ※Available for purchases of 2000 yen or more
    ※After adding, the coupon will be handed to you at the front desk, so please exchange it.
    ※You can use it immediately after adding it.

★Official Instagram started★

【Infectious disease prevention measures】Photocatalyst coating applied to the entire building

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