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Surrounding attractions

  • Surrounding tourist information

    • Karakura clock

      The character of the novel "Botchan" will inform you of the time
    • Dogo Onsen Main Building

      Three-storied building, Castle-style building.In the morning, the evening and the evening we will inform the time with the sound of the drum.It is an important cultural asset of the country.
    • Tsubaki Yu

      Another outside hot spring which was added in 1952.It is in the shopping street.
    • Ishite Temple

      Shikoku’s sacred sites No. 51 Buddhist Temple.It is an important cultural asset with impressive appearance as a building.
  • Surrounding tourist information ②

    • Shiki Memorial Museum

      Materials concerning literary people and haiku people who had exchange with the climate of Matsuyama and Shiki Masaoka are exhibited.
    • Isaniwa jinja Shrine

      It is an important cultural asset of the country, with only three Hachiman-zukuri architecture whole country together with Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in Kyoto, Usa Hachimangu Shrine Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in Oita.
    • Dogo Park

      In the spring, it is Dogo Park of Dogo Park The Ruin of Yuzukijo-Castle Site (Dogo Kouen Park) as a cherry blossoming attraction.From the observation deck, offering views of the town of Dogo
    • Ehime Prefectural Civic Cultural Hall

      Facilities that hold conventions and events such as various concerts, ceremonies, lectures, symposia, exhibitions.
  • Suburb of Matsuyama ①

    • Matsuyama Castle

      A symbol of Matsuyama you can see from anywhere.The view from the castle tower is wonderful.It is an important cultural asset of the country.
    • Bansuisou

      Beginning in 1954, he became a prefectural art museum hall, and is exhibiting mainly a prize from a local art exhibition.
    • Botchan Train

      In the novel "Botchan", the characters originate from the use of this steam locomotive.
    • Tobe Zoological Park

      Zoological Gardens in the Tobe Town.West Japan's largest grade.
  • Matsuyama ②

    • Ehime Kodomo Castle

      There are Toritani Pond with beautiful waterside landscape, orchard and others, rich place of environment of about 35 hectares.
    • Ehime Prefecture Sports Complex

      Ehime prefecture is open to respond to the wide range of recreational activities as well as sports promotion of citizens.
    • Botchan Stadium

      Ehime baseball stadium where professional baseball also comes to the game.